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Uncorrelated Strategies. Predictable Income.

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Alternative Income Solutions seeks to serve High Net Worth Individuals and their financial advisors by providing access to investment strategies that share three core attributes:

  • Significant & predictable income
  • Little or no correlation to major market indices
  • Low Risk of Capital Loss

The low interest rate environment necessitates alternative sources of income to ensure income in retirement and protect hard-earned wealth. Historically these strategies have only been accessible to institutional investors. AIS provides our clients access to a diversified portfolio of these sophisticated, capacity constrained strategies with a single subscription.

AIS partners with strategy specialists, often at a reduced fee, to provide a diversified portfolio of income generating opportunities that can otherwise be difficult for HNW individuals and their financial advisors to access directly.

Alternative Income Solutions


Significant And Predictable Income

Collateralized investments with low loan to value ratios and structural protections provide a low probability of a permanent loss of capital.


Low correlation

Strategies that generate performance regardless of the behavior of the public equity and fixed income markets.


Low risk of capital loss

Structural protections, collateral and access to collateral is critical to protecting value.


The Principles Behind Our Investments


Invest Early

Investing early provides access to sufficient capacity and locks in the lowest fee structure



Partner with experienced operators within specialty market segments



Focus on areas of specialty finance that require industry specialists and have limited capacity


Find Opportunities

Regulatory changes and innovative disruption create opportunities


Take Asymmetric Risks

New, niche and/or specialized strategies may seem riskier, but diligence, knowledge and experience can allow for exceptional opportunity



We invest alongside our investors and all fee concessions go to our clients


The Fund seeks to provide investors and financial advisors with uncorrelated income and a source of portfolio diversification. The limited partnership vehicle is specifically designed for Accredited Investors seeking to protect capital and generate stable, uncorrelated income.


Strategy Characteristics

  • Stable income distributed quarterly
  • Low risk of capital loss
  • Little or no correlation to major markets
  • Significant diversification
  • Single subscription document
  • Single tax document

Who we Seek to Serve

  • Independent Financial Advisors and their clients

  • High Net Worth Individuals:
  • IRA’s
  • Retirement Solutions
  • Private Placement Life Insurance
  • Family Offices

Focus on Long Term Value Creation

  • Invest for the long term
  • Secure capacity
  • Capitalize on long-term trends

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