White Papers

Is it Time to Buy Bonds?

In May of 2023, we released a paper entitled, “Is it Time to Buy Bonds?.” Read more

Asset Location

In investment management, conventional wisdom and research suggest that Asset Allocation is the single largest contributor to long-term returns. It is important to note that a key factor has been omitted from these analyses: taxes. When considering... Read more

The Myth of Liquidity - One Year Later

The Myth of Liquidity - One Year Later In January of 2022, we released a paper entitled, “The Myth of Liquidity”. Download our most recent article below to read our commentary one year later Read more

A Different Way to Think About Your IRA

The decades-long transition from defined benefit plans to defined contribution plans has opened a range of options and opportunities for individuals who have accumulated wealth from a lifetime of work. In this paper, we offer a different perspective... Read more

The Myth of Liquidity

Central bank policies to combat the negative economic impact of a Global Pandemic and, previously, the Global Financial Crisis have caused the markets to be “flush with liquidity.” These policies have driven equity valuations to historic highs,... Read more

Need Income? Go Private

As investors, we must constantly reassess the opportunities that are available in the public markets and beyond. Collectively, we tend to focus on the public markets as the primary destination for our capital. Both the public debt and equity markets... Read more

Alpha: Structural versus Strategic

Alpha. It is a word that is often used by investment industry professionals to describe the “value-add” that they can deliver to their investors. It is the investor’s challenge to determine if the alpha being described is repeatable, reliable, and... Read more