Industry Veterans Launch Alternative Income Solutions, LLC

Industry Veterans Launch Alternative Income Solutions, LLC

  • Alternative Income Solutions will offer a multi-strategy, multi-asset approach that seeks to deliver income and enhance retirement security
  • The initial offering will provide high net worth individuals and their financial advisors with simplified access to a curated group of uncorrelated, income producing strategies and assets.

September 10, 2020 – Alternative Income Solutions, LLC, is pleased to announce the firm’s formation and the launch of its inaugural investment vehicle. The goal is to deliver a diversified set of alternative income and specialty finance strategies tailored for high net worth individuals and their financial advisors. The initial offering will feature a core group of strategies that seek to be uncorrelated to public equity and fixed income markets and deliver an attractive return, primarily through income.

Co-founders and principals, Don Plotsky and Andrew Saunders, each have extensive experience in alternative investments and have noted a lack of well-managed, easily accessible and reasonably priced investment vehicles. The goal of Alternative Income Solutions is to improve the options available. Our initial offering commenced operations August 1 with investments in media finance, real estate lending, life settlements and other specialty finance strategies.

Commenting on the launch, co-founder Don Plotsky remarked, “It is our goal to deliver a tool that clients can use to diversify their investment portfolios and provide a source of meaningful income. We will offer clients a basket of complementary specialty finance and alternative income strategies accessible with a single subscription and tax document. Each strategy, and the portfolio overall, will strive to deliver high income, low risk of loss and little or no correlation to the broad market.”

“Based on our conversations with investors and our personal experiences, we all want the attributes that this kind of approach can bring; a solution that protects capital and generates income significantly greater than what is available in the public markets. These opportunities can be difficult to find, underwrite, diligence and access. We seek to deliver a professionally curated and managed portfolio.”

The Founders originated the idea for the firm in the course of successfully investing in and raising capital for alternative income strategies. Andrew Saunders is currently the president of Castle Hill Capital Partners, Inc., a NY based broker-dealer and capital raising firm. He raises capital from institutional investors for a select cohort of specialist alternative investment strategies. Don Plotsky is a co-founder and managing member of Uinta Investment Partners, a Utah-based multi-family office and RIA with investments in several of the underlying assets and strategies. Each will continue in their current roles.

“Alternative Income Solutions will be a platform to extend the best elements of our respective firms. We both spend extensive time sourcing, conducting diligence and presenting/managing alternative income and specialty finance strategies. Thoughtfully combining those strategies that we advise and currently invest in, into a single portfolio and making that portfolio available to a much broader range of accredited investors is a logical extension of our current efforts,” Added co-founder Andrew Saunders.

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